Smart Car OE single form rear spring

Smart Car MSS dual stack triple rated rear springs 

My proposal was an MSS rear non-adjustable kit that takes less than 30-minutes to fit and does not need any modification nor expert knowledge to set the ride height. Installation is really child’s play…easy on, ‘fit & forget’.


I have been using the Smart car on our test routes for the past few weeks and also Steve has been using the car he knows very well having owned it for the past 4-years in its natural environment on roads in and around London city and the suburbs. He has even managed a long distance motorway journey in the car – previously it was too uncomfortable to undertake. The feedback from Steve is that, we have a great simple yet effective solution here which can be supplied and fitted for less than £300 including VAT (assumes you are UK based and the installer is your local Mercedes garage).


The kit can be fitted by any garage/workshop simply by following the Smart car workshop manual on replacing the rear springs only. I think owners who wish to drive their Smart car in enhanced comfort every day on poorly maintained roads in and around cities or towns would really appreciate what we have done for this small platform. It really is a welcomed transformation and cabin noise has reduced.


Now, the handling; composure; lack of rear squat and general road manners up to national motorway speed limit is remarkably improved however don’t take my word for it, we will be releasing this solution in the coming weeks and I want to get this kit on your Smart car because you really deserve better ride comfort.


We will offcourse stand by our solution with the usual Lifetime warranty to give you a piece of mind as I hear the stock springs breaking is a known issue – hope to put that right too!


Enjoy the teaser picture and thank you for reading.


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Smart Car with MSS Streets

We have a division within MSS KITS simply called MKB – I got the idea for this division, oddly enough, watching James Bond…and no, I do not think of myself as ‘Q’ though the thought has crossed my mind.


MKB simply allows us to take on requests that are unusual and to tailor a solution to customers. Some request are simply too interesting to pass by and the Smart Car request actually came from our head of Finance, Steve Thomas, back in 2014.


He drives around in a Smart car, something to do with cost savings as he states…which is not a surprise from the person tasked with managing our profitability, I prefer my TT-RS Roadster if am being honest.


Anyway,  I head our development division and MKB is my baby as it really allows me to develop solutions without the financial constraints and sometimes the simple ideas cost less which can lead to them being more effective.


Suffice to say, we have now developed a solution for the Smart car which was fun. The primarily aim was a simple, low cost (what else!) solution that is easy to fit and improves that harsh stock ride.

MSS/MSS KITS/MSS SPRING KIT/MSS BESPOKE are all brands I formed to market a range of automotive adjustable modular suspension spring kits developed with Eibach to address the road and track performance handling or ride comfort issues on vehicles used every day. The aim was to retain the OE active suspension system where optioned or also the passive suspension system.



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