Think of MSS Spring Kits as a ‘Speaker system’ with dedicated speaker components.


– Tweeters to handle high frequencies.

– Mid-woofers to handle mid-range frequencies.

– Subwoofers to handle bass that can be felt, and in some cases heard many blocks away.


Each speaker component is specifically designed to operate at its optimum within a focused frequency range. Our spring kit solution, with its triple-rated stacked rear springs arrangement, acts exactly in the same way as the ‘Speaker system’.


– The low-rated springs in the stacked arrangement, rated from 100Ibs, are the ‘tweeters’ and therefore handles smaller road bumps.

–The middle springs rated from 300Ibs can be thought of as the ‘mid-woofers’ handling medium road bumps.

–The heavy duty springs rated over 2500Ibs can be thought of as the ‘subwoofers’ handling big compressions such as going over speed humps or curbs on a race circuit


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The different compression load handling capabilities, illustrated above with the 3 states of compression, and the rebound capabilities of each selected spring ensures the following...;


– Stability is maintained during high speed cornering or braking to ensure that the car is not unsettled easily. These are attributed to the middle and heavy duty springs resisting and keeping sudden movements to minimal.


– Ride Comfort is retained over rough tarmac mainly attributed to the smaller and middle rated springs though the heavy duty spring also play a subtle role in ensuring sudden compression such as driving over a pothole is contained with a muted/subtle 'thud' sound through the cabin which replaces the prior shudder of the cabin .


– Composed and Balanced handling is evident during spirited street driving or use on race track in advance driving class or competition and this is mainly attributed to the heavy duty springs working in unison with the middle rated springs.


– Squatting is greatly reduced under acceleration, especially beneficial exiting a corner as the car remains controlled. The benefit of the heavy duty springs becomes apparent during this driving scenario. It really does a great job of handling high loads which is evident during acceleration.


– Dive during hard braking, attributed to load transfer from the rear axle, is minimised due to our progressive stacked rear arrangement counteracting against the rate of load transfer from the rear axle.

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