It is often said that one size rarely fits all, which I agree. There is something very special about being able to specify a product to your exacting needs and when offered that option, it makes the whole buying experience an even more pleasurable process.


I created the MSS Springs Kits solution because the market did not offer a solution that fitted my needs nor were there any organisations prepared to risk producing one off kits to suit my requirements. Sadly due to commercial pressures, and understandably, that has not changed.


Acknowledging that commercial pressures plays a major part, I have created a division within MSS KITS simply called 'MKB' or to give its full name, MSS KITS Bespoke'MKB' simply enables customers to leverage our capabilities to meet their individual needs.


Address your enquiries directly to me using. William | Owner | MSSKITS.COM


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Some requests are simply too interesting to pass by and the Smart Car request actually came from our head of Finance, Steve Thomas, back in 2014.


Steve drives around in a Smart car and we have now developed a solution for this platform as part of our MKB division.


The primarily aim was a simple, low cost (what else!) solution that is easy to fit and simply improves that harsh stock ride.


The feedback from Steve is that we have a great simple yet effective solution here that can be fitted by any garage/workshop. I think owners who wish to drive their Smart car in enhanced comfort every day on poorly maintained roads in and around cities or towns would really appreciate what we have done for this small platform.


It really is a welcomed transformation including a reduction in cabin noise.

William | Owner | MSSKITS.COM


Lake is US based, California in fact and contacted us back in 2012 during our development years ahead of launching a solution.


The picture to the right was what he sent in and simply asked the question "can you resolve this for me?"


We developed a fully adjustable track focused solution for him which we aptly named after him, MSS 'LS'. It was that good that I still ran the same kit on my Audi TT-RS Roadster  and we have launched this kit to market.


Lake epitomises what I hope 'MKB' will become - delivering solutions to address an issue.

William | Owner | MSSKITS.COM


David is a London based long time car enthusiast who also approached us on our launch event with Eibach in July 2013 enquiring about a streets only MSS KITS solution for daily driving. We developed MSS Streets Fully Adjustable Kit for his car, An Audi TT MK2 (FWD) Roadster  in 2013.


I was fortunate enough to spend a day with David as a passenger being driven around the streets of London.


I came away from that experience realising that MSS Streets had a place in our line up and today, it is our most popular product.


William | Owner | MSSKITS.COM


Daniel, based in Monza - Italy, approached us back in 2013 with a requirement for an MSS KITS solution for his newly delivered Audi RS3 (8P).


His requirement were to keep the ride height the same and address the following issues;

- Ride comfort was firm for daily use;

- The car was easily unsettled on rough roads;

- Track use was hindered by understeer affecting the enjoyment;


The solution developed specifically for Daniel was an MSS Adjustable Rear Sports Kit that addressed all of his issues. His Audi RS3 (8P) is the only one of its kind with an MSS KITS solution fitted. In 2016, we released  and  for the Audi A3 (8V) MQB platform.


Max is UK based and approached us on our launch event with our manufacturing partner, Eibach, in July 2013.


He had been following our development on the various Audi TT forums and enquired about a solution for the VW Scirocco MK3 platform. At the time, we had no plans to target other platforms however his persistent enquiries drew our attention to the VW Scirocco MK3 platform.


We developed the MSS Streets Standard Kit for his car in 2014 and he has since had several track day sessions at the famous Nürburgring as well as various track venues in the UK.


We recently took up the offer to join Max at a Goodwood Race Circuit event and  thoroughly enjoyed the experience of our least track focused kit.

VW Scirocco MK3 Development - track capable

MSS Kits have the ability to facilitate all of our customer's requirements.


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