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Roberts’ Classy MK7 R

Our latest customer is Robert from California, USA – where else. It is probably safe to say that we ship more MSS KITS to California than any other region in the US…keep up the rest of you States!


One of the things I personally enjoy each time we get a customer send in pictures of their cars is the visual transformation – always astounds me time and again. Robert is no different and he shared a sneak view of the before and after pictures of his VW Golf MK7 R in a shade that just melts in to the background…stunning stealthy grey that simply says ‘class‘ loud & clear…we just had to share.

MSS/MSS KITS/MSS SPRING KIT/MSS BESPOKE are all brands I formed to market a range of automotive adjustable modular suspension spring kits developed with Eibach to address the road and track performance handling or ride comfort issues on vehicles used every day. The aim was to retain the OE active suspension system where optioned or also the passive suspension system.



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